The Fellowship Sketches

Reading out loud is one of my FAVORITE activities. Better than a film, it leave me refreshed and connects me to my husband (especially when he does all the voices!). Unfortunately, my hands don’t like to be bored, so if I’m not careful I’ll start picking at my nails.

The best way I’ve found to fight this OCD* habit is to keep my fingers busy with more healthy outlets. Enter: sketching.

As we work our way back through Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Rings, I intend to enjoy illustrating the scenes I hear. Many artists have done great honor to this work (check out Jenny Dolfen and Soni, the Bohemian Weasel), and I could only dream to follow in their footsteps!

These sketches are not great works, but little ones designed to root out the details I forgot in the last decade since I read these books. Consider them a hobbit-sized gift from my OCD to you.

*I do actually suffer from OCD and would never presume to use terminology flippantly. It’s a serious condition and I salute my fellow OCD warriors. Whether with a pen or another weapon/coping tool, keep up the good fight!

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